more vegetables packaging

NNZ offers a broad portfolio of packaging materials for 'more vegetables' (beans, cucumber, ginger, mais, mushrooms, radicco, red beet, squash etc). These materials include Flow-fresh® film, carton trays and PP flowpack film.

  • mushroom - Flowfresh film and carton tray
  • mushroom - stretch film and PP tray
  • mushroom - duo-color PET clamshell
  • mushroom - duo-color PET clamshell
  • mushroom - PET clamshell
  • beans - Flowfresh film
  • beans - flowpack PP film
  • squash - PP film bag
  • cucumber - cups
  • ginger - flowpack PP film
  • radicco - flowpack PP film
  • red beet - flowpack PP film

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