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Sustainability drives customers to rethink their packaging portfolio. NNZ is the perfect partner to assist the customer to make a choice for a the packaging design fit with their specific packaging strategies as we offer a broad packaging portfolio and are independent of material and technologies. NNZ developed a fact based sustainable packaging approach to facilitate the process. The purpose, our mission is: “Inspired to create sustainable packaging solutions for your success”!



’NNZ considers the prime function of packaging is to protect the content, hence an instrument to reduce food waste. Research shows that for many types of fresh produce (not all), there a distinguishable differences in retail-level waste rate between loose and pre-packaged fresh produce, and this difference in food waste justifies the additional primary packaging from an environmental impact standpoint'.

Illustrative examples:

  • mushrooms: it is proven that reduced food waste offsets the additional packaging impacts, resulting in a net environmental benefit.
  • cucumber: it is proven that reduced food waste offsets the additional packaging impacts, resulting in a net environmental benefit, unless regional and transport routes are short.
  • spinach: it is proven that reduced food waste does not offset the additional packaging impacts, resulting in a net environmental benefit, yet hygiene and convenience make retailers decide to sell these prepacked.



For the packaging materials we supply, sustainability translates into ‘keeping the materials we use in the system at their highest possible value’. For such circularity to really function we not only need materials management through sustainable packaging design but also consumer awareness and collection systems.

'For NNZ sustainable packaging design is a balancing act between environmental impact, marketimpact, food waste, cost efficiency, and supported by transparent and responsible communication, and market research'. Using our fact based sustainable packaging design, we aim to :

  • provide the required functionality to minimize food waste and best economics, and
  • minimize environmental impact, and
  • create an attractive, well-presented sustainable packaging for our customers and their consumers, hence
  • assist the customer to make a fact based selection from our packaging portfolio that fits their specific packaging strategies.


Fact based sustainable packaging

Our sustainable packaging design allows for fact based choices between packaging designs, it includes a 5-step approach with metrics for environmental impact from materials and food waste, market acceptance and cost.

The number and type of metrics we use will depend on the business question being asked. A simple question about the weight or recycled content of specific packaging options will require the use of just one metric. By contrast, an overall assessment and comparison of the entire product and packaging systems will require a lifecycle approach and the use of a wide range of metrics.The metrics we commonly use are: source reduction, recyclability, footprint of materials and food waste (carbon footprint, fresh water usage, energy usage) .

The preferred materials in our model are mono-materials, recyclable non-biodegradable plastics (PET, PP and PE) and bio-based/renewable cardboard or pulp. Non-recyclable biodegradable plastics (PLA, starch based) are not preferred as - to date - these are easily confused by the consumer with conventional plastics and end up in the wrong waste stream, contaminating recycling streams. This should be thrown out with non-recyclable waste, and is therefore not a sustainable solution, as this is immediately burned. Packaging materials that has been made from mixed materials that consumers won’t automatically separate are also not recommended for use.

Please be invited to watch our video #RETHINK on youtube!.

For more information please be invited to contact: Alies Padding: apadding@nnz.nl or call mobile 0031621221154

About NNZ

NNZ is an international company specialising in packaging for customers in the fruit and vegetable sector and industry. Since its foundation in 1922, the family business has steadily developed into an organisation with around 250 employees and an extensive global network of its own branches and partners.

The strength of this network lies in its ability to increase its competitive strength. Like NNZ, the partners in our network can be characterised as sustainable and social, product leaders, customer-oriented, innovative, trendsetters, flexible and transparent, reliable and ethical.

We at NNZ regard our employees as our best assets. We are convinced that this leads to more creativity and productivity, and that is of the utmost importance for our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. We aim to work on a highly personal basis, passionately and enjoyable according to the plan we have made together. Our motto is: 'Together is better'. Together we deliver our customers sustainable customization, logistics solutions and innovation through co-creation.

We are able to meet this need with our subsidiaries at strategic locations in the various countries. We work with our clients and a diverse team of professionals; specialists in the fields of materials, food technology, graphic design and market research. Together we work on tailor-made products, from concept to market launch. For each link in the chain, we offer customer-specific, smart solutions!

Our standard range consists of: net bags, jute bags, paper packaging, woven PP bags, films, cardboard, trays, PP/PET cups, fresh produce buckets, Big Bags and pallet stabilization materials. NNZ also supplies customised packaging. We apply the highest standards of sustainability, efficiency and food safety to all packaging. Our customers thus benefit from our excellent purchasing conditions and high-quality products.