Berries packaging

NNZ offers a broad portfolio of packaging materials for berries. These materials include trays and cups made from cardboard, pulp, plastic or wood. Trays are commonly flow packed with macro perforated films or Flow-fresh® film for protection and optimal ventilation. Besides that we have PET clamshell trays and cups with lid available.

  • berries - cardboard tray
  • berries - cardboard tray
  • berries - plastic tray with Flow-Fresh film
  • berries - plastc tray with flowpack film
  • berries - clamshell tray
  • berries - plastic tray with lid
  • berries - clamshell tray
  • berries - cups
  • berries - pulp tray
  • berries - bucket
  • berries - wooden tray
  • berrries - self adhesive labels

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