Mesh bags

Mesh bags are available in different styles: Carry-Family style standup bags, mesh header bags, raschel bags, monofilament bags and the airy film bag Twin-Bag®.

Typical content packed in: Mesh bags

  • Apples
  • Citrus fruits
  • Cucumber
  • Green beans
  • Lemons
  • Onions
  • Oranges
  • Potatoes

Product details in brief

Carry-Family mesh bag

Carry-Fresh is a standup bag made from CLAF net with printed front and back label. Carry-Net and Carry-X are derivatives of this, made from knitted and extruded netting respectively.

Header mesh bag

Mesh header bags are perfect for hand packing applications, but can be semi-automated as well. The header bag consists of a cardboard or laminated paper header for marketing and branding. This header card is sewn to either extruded net or soft knitted net. The bag can be closed by tying, using a plastic clip, tape or a metal ring. Net length can be customised for the product and comes in a variety of color choices. Net can also be customised, for example, tri-strand extruded net is a more delicate net that can be used for smaller weights.

Knitted (Raschel) mesh bag

The polyethylene knitted (Raschel) mesh bags are supplied on rolls and as single bags. Bags on rolls can be supplied in a range of standard sizes to fit weights up to 25kg, optional with handle and printed label. Single mesh bags can be supplied in a range of standard sizes to fit weights up to 50kg, optional with handle, drawstring and printed label. The bags are produced in mesh type 201 and 211, with different netting weights.

Monofilament mesh bag

Woven monofilament mesh bags are commonly used for packing hard products such as firewood, nuts, shellfish and chestnuts. Knitted monofilament mesh bags are softer and more supple than woven bags and therefore more suitable for products such as bulbs and potatoes.

Twin-Bag® mesh bag

Twin-Bag® is an airy PE film bag developed by NNZ for improved ventilation of the fresh produce. The PE bag is designed with a horizontal portion of PE net CLAF® on one side of the bag,

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