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Reshaping is in our DNA and has two distinct meanings for NNZ. First there is our drive to continuously adapt and reshape the NNZ organisation. Only that way we can fulfil the needs of our customers, suppliers and employees. Not just today, but also in the future. Secondly reshaping is needed for developing new innovative packaging solutions to protect your products even better while in the meantime minimizing the environmental impact for a better world.


Reshaping at NNZ

We believe we should take good care and work in close harmony with our employees, customers and partners. Only by adapting our organization continuously we can live up to that promise. Reshaping is at the heart of our company. At NNZ we promote inclusive and sustainable growth and we are building a resilient infrastructure promoting sustainable industrialization. Meeting the needs of the current generation is just as important as meeting the needs of future generations. We are now reshaping packaging for almost 100 years and that is something we’ll never change.


Sustainability Innovation

Reshaping Packaging

Developing packaging solutions defines another important aspect of reshaping at NNZ. By reinventing the things we are doing today, we can deliver on our promise to create an even better solution tomorrow. If we could invent a better banana peel, we would definitely do so today. So when developing a packaging solutions for you, we always stick to an important set of guiding principles:

  • We ensure you get the best solution to overcome food waste;
  • We create high quality packaging solutions that are cost effective and minimise the impact on the environment as much as possible;
  • We have a clear eye on our production processes to minimize the impact on the environment, our CO2 footprint and the needed resources. We are working everyday on new sustainable solutions for better circular economy products.
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Reshaping at NNZ


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