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Since 1922, and we only just begun!

NNZ has reinvented itself a number of times since it was founded in 1922. In our journey our prime focus will always be to ensure continuity for our customers, suppliers and employees. Reshaping is in our DNA, we are entrepreneurs, taking advantage of market conditions and trends. We are reshaping our role as packaging supplier. This includes re-inventing ourselves by making strategic choices to halt our own production to become an independent supplier with a network of trusted partner suppliers, and geographic expansion of our subsidiaries. We reshape our packaging portfolio with innovations and further improvement of existing packaging, which has an impact on the markets served.

NNZ is all about cooperation and personal relationships, internally and externally. Relationships with employees, customers and stakeholders. Solutions are sought in teamwork,  to help each other to be successful, with respect, integrity and honesty.

On product level, NNZ’s strength lies in solving customers’ packaging problems. Knowledge, experience ad creativity are the basis for developing these packaging solutions. We are solutions oriented, customer driven and think out-of-the-box!

Reshaping is in our DNA! We are passionate about packaging and solve your packaging dilemma's through true cooperation and customized solutions.

Our heritage and future route

NNZ is a multinational company active in the marketing of packaging materials for agricultural and industrial products. Ever since 1922, NNZ has been 100% a family business firm, though with the emphasis very much on the company activities. NNZ currently has 24 own branches in 18 countries, as well as an international network of companies with whom we collaborate in more than 50 countries all over the world, both in the development of products, markets plus in terms of purchase and sales. NNZ is mainly active in packaging materials for the fruit and vegetable sector, though we also have industrial packaging departments in the Benelux, Germany, Scandinavia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Switzerland, the Baltic States, and South Africa.

With a view to the future, we believe it essential that a company such as NNZ is continuously involved in innovation of packaging materials and the requirements made of those materials, intended for fresh fruit and vegetable products or for other food-related products, as well as the necessary attention for the ongoing sustainability requirements made of our sector.

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Having been active for more than 100 years in the packaging’s field, NNZ certainly plans to continue its operations for many more decades to come. In the period from 1995 to 2023, the company enjoyed turnover growth from CAD 43 Mio to CAD 281 Mio. This was achieved in a decentralised national markets structure, as expressed in the slogan still used today: Focus on Local. Alongside these decentralised managed national units, the centrally managed disciplines (Finance, Marketing, Product development, Human Resources, ICT and Central Sourcing) create the conditions for the various NNZ branches to be able to function optimally with regard to sales, logistics, service and direct marketing.

One of the important mainstays of our lengthy existence lies in the fact that NNZ wishes to comply with all the statutory regulations, covenants and rules; NNZ also refuses to undertake speculation on the futures markets, neither for raw materials nor for currencies. NNZ sees this as its obligation not only towards society but also towards its employees.

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At NNZ, we greatly appreciate the value of our employees, and have formulated our own 4-P’s on their behalf, namely: Passion, Pleasure, Personal and Plan. We have Passion for packaging, wish to work with Pleasure in a very Personal manner but always according to the Plan which we have drawn up together. This is expressed in an active quality policy and sustainability policy, but also via internationally acknowledged quality guarantees such as ISO 9001 and BRC compliancy and SEDEX. Together we need to guarantee an environment in which quality, safety and health are self-evident. All NNZ companies therefore feature teams who actively safeguard these disciplines.

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NNZ Group building
Business has priority, with optimum transparency and ongoing focus to guarantee the future.


The family Boot

Ever since its establishment in 1922, the Boot family still holds 100% of the NNZ shares. However it is important to note, as briefly mentioned above, that the NNZ company has always had priority over the interests of the family. This translates into looking first and foremost at the goals for NNZ and the way in which these can be developed in the future; business has priority, with optimum transparency and ongoing focus to guarantee the future.


Our key figures

  • Founded: 1922
  • Number of employees: 250
  • Revenue: $281 million
  • Product: Packaging materials
  • Markets: Agricultural (75%), Industrial (25%)
  • Headquarters: Groningen, the Netherlands
  • Subsidiaries: 24 in Europe, United States, Canada and Africa
  • Warehouse space: 50.000 sqm



The way we have and will secure our future is by continuously reshaping NNZ.
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NNZ the packaging network, worldwide coverage

We serve our customers from 24 owned subsidiaries in Europe, United States, Canada and Africa.


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