Wicketed bags

Wicketed bags

Wicketed bags offer streamlined, flexible packaging solutions in jute, net, and PP woven materials.

Wicketed bags

At NNZ, we focus on providing high-quality wicketed bags, ideal for diverse packaging needs. Our mission is to guarantee that products, whether fresh produce or other items, are packaged efficiently, reflecting the care and attention invested in their production.

Wicketed mesh bags are designed to offer secure containment and ventilation for goods during transportation and storage, preventing spoilage and ensuring efficient, safe handling.

Wicketed jute bags, for safe and efficient packaging and transportation. These bags are especially suitable for preserving the quality and freshness of food products like potatoes, cacao beans, coffee beans, mussels, nuts, and seeds.

Benefits of wicketed bags

Easy Handling: Their design, aided by the wicket, makes these bags easy to handle and fill, maintaining their position effectively.

Automation Compatibility: Ideal for automated packaging lines, these bags can be individually detached from the wicket, filled, and then sealed by machines.

Versatility: Available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses to meet diverse requirements.

Customizability: Offering options for printing logos, instructions, barcodes, and other information, making them a fit for branding or detailed labeling.

Broad Applications: Commonly used for packing an array of items including food products, medical products, clothing, mail items, and industrial parts.

Wicketed bags provide an efficient, customizable, and user-friendly packaging solution for a wide array of needs.

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