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We are always happy to welcome new people at NNZ!

We are always happy to talk to new talented people at NNZ. Connect with us to understand who we are and what we offer our employees at NNZ.  Since the start in 1922 the family owned business has grown into a multinational with a revenue of $281 million , headquartered in Groningen in the Netherlands, with 24 branches throughout  Europe, the United States, Canada and Africa. We develop customised packaging solutions for our customers in the fresh produce and  industrial markets.


Motivated, dedicated and loyal employees

At NNZ, employees are vital to our success. As a family owned business, we see them as part of the family. We are convinced that this commitment towards each other, leads to more creativity and productivity and is highly beneficial to our customers, suppliers and stakeholders. Our HR policy is  naturally derived from the general mission, vision and central strategy of NNZ. Our HR philosophy values motivated, dedicated and loyal employees. It characterizes a binding culture with a friendly atmosphere.


Innovation in packaging 31B 81 3284063 2769862766 6 (1) Magazijn Rilland (2) Sustainable packaging

Talented people

We are always looking for and happy to welcome talented new people at NNZ. Please be invited to respond to our vacancies or send an open application. If we see a fit as well, we will definitely look at the possibilities to take you on board.


Together is better!

Together we deliver our customers sustainable customized packaging and logistics solutions. Our board facilitates and stimulates personal development with a respectful and generous style of leadership. We work together with passion, pleasure, in a personal manner according to a mutually agreed plan.

Collega’s Kantoor Rilland (4) Industrial packaging 31B 81 3284063 2769862766 6 (1)
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