Pallet stabilisation

  • vented stretch film

Cornerboards stabilize pallets and are made from cardboard, aluminium coated cardboard and plastic. 
Vented stretch film, uses pre-cut holes to allow the palletized products to breathe, therefore eliminating condensation. It is available as standard and pre-stretched. Standard has a stretch of 20% or more. Pre-stretch film Tornado-Wrap® has the ability to pre-stretch between 250-300%. Knitted pallet net, the standard quality is HDPE knitted pallet wrap for maximum containment of unsteady loads (18-20% elongation). Elongated Tornado-Net®, made of 100% LLDPE with over 80% elongation. due to the elongation less netting is needed, providing less roll change.

Extruded pallet wrap is for maximum containment of unsteady loads. The netting can be applied as a wrap around pallets or with a snake technique through the palletized product for a firm hold.
StretchNet® pallet wrap is able to up to 20% stretch during application, allowing fewer wraps per pallet.
Slip sheets are used to stabilize pallets during transport. Less palletizing glue and stretch film is needed.

  • corner boards
  • pallet net
  • slip sheet