Mesh header bags

NNZ showcases the versatility of mesh header bags

Product highlight

NNZ highlights the mesh header bags, an established solution for improving product visibility and maintaining freshness. These durable bags are perfectly suited for produce and other perishable goods, supporting efficient packaging and transportation.


Mesh header bags
Mesh header bags offer several benefits. Firstly, their mesh design provides excellent visibility, allowing consumers to easily identify the contents without opening the bag. Additionally, the breathable mesh material promotes air circulation, ideal for items such as produce or wet goods that need to dry. These bags are durable, capable of withstanding regular use without tearing or stretching. They are also reusable, reducing the environmental impact of singleuse plastic bags. With various sizes and shapes available, mesh header bags are versatile for storing and transporting a wide range of items. Lastly, the convenient header design allows for an artistic design or company logo to be either printed directly on the header.

Overall, mesh header bags provide practicality, durability, and eco-friendliness for organizing and transporting goods efficiently.

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